Mr. Nowak is in his seventh year as director of bands at Oak Valley.

Sixth grade band

We have two sixth grade bands that are heterogeneously grouped, meaning students are not separated by experience level. There are no chair placements and we do have scale tests. Sixth grade band focuses on helping students build on the foundation developed by our district’s outstanding elementary music teachers. Sixth grade band is also the best time to switch to a more unique instrument. Our program has tubas, bassoons, French horns, oboes, baritones, trombones, tenor saxophones, baritone saxophones, and bass clarinets to lend to students. Every level of band benefits from having these diverse tonal colors.

Seventh grade band

This year we also have two seventh grade bands, Period 1 Concert Band and Period 7 Concert Band. The emphasis on band placement is to have two ensembles with full instrumentation in each. Students play more challenging literature in these groups and have more opportunities to play off-campus at the Poway Band and Orchestra Festival and at a Disneyland Instrumental Soundtrack Workshop.

Eighth grade band

The music and opportunities continue to expand in Wind Ensemble. In addition to Festival, Wind Ensemble performs with Del Norte’s marching band for a football night and students have the opportunity to travel to Anaheim for a 4 day WorldStrides Festival.

Any student in any grade is welcome to sign up for band as a beginner.