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Throughout the year there are opportunities for students to audition for various Honor Bands. The application deadline for the first of these is coming up soon. I know some students are auditioning so I wanted to make sure to get the information to you. All three groups use the same audition material. I have the solos to give to interested students.

Honor groups are positive, inspiring, and motivating experiences for the students. I would encourage band students taking private lessons to audition for these groups. Our percussionist Amanda was accepted into the All-Southern group last year and it was a thrill to see her perform with that ensemble. There is a video that explains more about the experience here: SCSBOA

The first of the Honor Bands is All-Southern. The application is due next Friday, October 30 but the auditions are not until December. The information for middle school groups is here Middle School Honor Band Groups. As an SCSBOA member, I need to sign the application. This is the most difficult of the three groups to be accepted into, as students from Orange and LA Counties also audition. They also define middle school as grades 6-9, so the competition is strong. The director this year is Dr. Patricia Cornett from Cal State Fullerton. I had lunch with her at the SCSBOA conference last year and she is fantastic.

All-State takes place in San Jose over the weekend of February 11-14, 2016. This is actually easier to get into than All-Southern because it is for 7th and 8th graders only and they take a certain amount of students from each county. There are also 2 All-State honor bands compared to 1 All-Southern band. Auditions are recorded, not live. Information is at All State Auditions.

All-County is in April. The information for that is not on-line yet but will be at County Honor Bands.

Last year’s conductor was Shannon Kitelinger, professor of bands at SDSU. We also worked with him at a clinic last year, so the students knew him ahead of time. Our program is always well represented in this group. I believe we had 9 students selected last year.


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